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feel good through mom life
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Turn down the inner mind chatter and ignite energy, boost creativity, and experience the clarity of mind that gets you UNstuck.

I’ll do the heavy lifting to


your emotional pain of anxiety, anger, guilt and/or regret, all you have to do is show up.  

What is Rapid Resolution?

A revolutionary approach to mental wellness designed to reprogram and regulate the nervous system through multilevel communication.


Tapping into the power the neuroplastic mind, we will update and reboot unconscious mind and open the door to more joy, productivity and creativity. 


Negative patterns and painful emotions are replaced with positive feelings and actions.

This approach uses stories, guided symbolic imagery, conversational perspective shifts and hypnotic tools to dissolve troubling emotions, thoughts, behaviors and feelings AND enhance healing and vitality. 



Things happened in birth, or any life situation, that you wish wouldn’t have or think shouldn’t have happened. It’s nagging at your heart and taking up valuable space in your head AND you’d love to break free from those thought chains. 

Worries or anxiety have been showing up postpartum or even for years AND you recognize life will feel so dreamy with less of that in the way. 

Despite making shifts in the right direction with meditation, mindfulness practices, various therapies and journaling, you’re still interested in getting your mind free of emotional pains at a deeper level.  

Rapid Resolution Sessions can help!

In our session, we'll begin installing new information at an unconscious level to help clear old fears, belief systems, patterns, or frustrating emotions that prevent you from experiencing mom life the way you really want. 


Release Blocked Energy
and experience a new level of mental well being
Fear and Guilt

I found the mind/body aspect of Ashley's work incredibly helpful. As we were working on my C-section recovery where I was experiencing a lot of discomfort, we also talked through some of the birth events I was really "stuck" in fear and guilt surrounding an unexpected C-section. I hadn't heard of the RRT modality of therapy before, but I found it extremely logical and helpful in untangling a mess of emotions and their attendant pain in my body. 


Poughkeepsie, NY



birth or other trauma





physical pain

"Moms that feel good,
do good"

I'm Dr. Ashley Hocutt

and I help moms master their mind, body & emotions to create a life that feels good, on purpose. 

Through years of working with moms experiencing pelvic problems, I knew there's intricate relationship between the mind and body. Physical problems either created mental stress or mental stress manifested as physical dis-ease. Usually it was a combination of those.


But, I didn't have the skills to address the mind piece, yet!

In 2015, I completed a program in women's health coaching and it completely transformed my practice. Patients felt like I was their physical and mental therapist. I began to scratch the surface of mental health.


In 2022, I began training in Rapid Resolution Therapy and learned how to shift what lies below the surface, at the root, the unconscious level. And this is where magic happens. 

Ashley Hocutt (11).png
Break free from troubling thoughts, emotions or behaviors by quickly and painlessly shifting how the mind processes information
I can help you! Ready to get started?
Anxiety & Panic attacks

"Before working with Ashley, anxiety was really starting to affect my daily life. I had tried many things and nothing was helping 100 percent. 


Going through the RR session was surprisingly really nice. It felt like a guided meditation and I felt more relaxed than I have felt in a long time. After one session, my anxiety just went away. And it has not come back since which is now going on many months."

Claudia H.

Lagrangevile, NY

What clients say:

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