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from pregnancy through mom life

Are you:



>> Strengthen pelvic floor & core

>> Enhance pelvic mobility for birth

>> Optimize baby position (breech reversal)

>> Release pelvic floor tension

>> Relieve pain (back, pelvic, hip)


>> Push & breathe in active labor

>> Effectively do perineal massage

>> Lower your risk of perineal tears

>> Prepare for birth



>> Rebalance pelvic bone alignment

>> Postpartum posture training

>> Restore pelvic floor & core strength

>> Optimize mobility of cesarean or perineal scars

>> Relieve pain (back, hip, pelvic)


>> Progressively exercise after birth

>> Avoid worsening symptoms as you get more active

>> Bounce FORWARD postpartum



>> Pelvic pressure (prolapse)

>> Pubic symphysis pain

>> Coccyx (tailbone) pain

>> Bladder leakage

>> Urinary frequency or urgency

>> Constipation

>> Pelvic, back, hip & neck pain

>> Pain with sex

>> Vaginismus

>> Nerve pain (sciatic or pudendal)

>> Diastasis Recti 

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I get there’s been lingering frustration as you navigate life with these pelvic problems. And despite not getting your body feeling up to par YET, together, we will gather momentum toward a FUNctional body and mind. 
There is a better way forward and I can help
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Cultivating confidence and control of your pelvic parts so you can enjoy exercise, sex and everyday life without pelvic pressure, leaking or pain. 
Pregnancy Pain Relief

"I highly recommend pelvic PT for anyone experiencing discomfort in pregnancy. Dr. Ashley helped me relieve tailbone pain and prepare for birth. She's the perfect mix of hands on and educational!"

Nina B.




Dream of running, yoga-ing or hiking through the woods without worry of peeing your panties or pelvic pressure?

Want to sit with ease for a movie, a broadway show even a few hours of work without pain?

Find that doing kegels hasn't solved your pelvic problem? 

Spend more time on the toilet than you do dancing to favorite tune? 

Wish to have fun and pleasure with sex again?

Desire to understand what's going on down there?

You would love it if you could...

>> Fearlessly resume yoga, running or  weight training knowing you're strengthening your body appropriately and not making things worse. 


>> Enjoy getting back in the sack with your partner without pain or pelvic floor concerns. 


>> Sit, stand, walk, dance, or exercise without pain in your pelvis, hips or back.


>> Be in control of your bladder and not visa versa.

Pelvic PT can help you go from

>> Dreading sexy time to smiling in anticipation of the pleasure of it.

>> Wondering if you've stocked enough panty liners for the day to exercising without a liner in sight. 

>> Fear of making your prolapse worse with every move to freely grab the heavier weight and doing the advanced workout without worry. 

>>  Unsure what the right pelvic floor & core exercises are for you to understanding where to appropriately begin and how to progress or modify

Rib Cage Pain

I was in agony during my last trimester as my baby's foot was pressing up into my rib cage. With tears in my eyes, I called Dr. Hocutt to see if she could meet with me for an evaluation. After an incredible massage and performing a diaphragm release, I was relieved of the sharp pains that I had been suffering with. She also provided me with a few simple home exercises and showed me various positions to help ease any further discomfort throughout pregnancy on my own. Her gentle expertise and healing hands allowed me to enjoy those final weeks of pregnancy. Thank you so very much!

Ann Margaret

Pleasant Valley, NY


With pelvic floor dysfunction, it's valuable to zoom in on the pelvic region to get a detailed look at muscle function, boney alignment, organ positioning, and mechanics.  

 But, let's be honest
 the pelvic floor does NOT function in isolation. 

Pelvic pains or pressure and bladder or bowel problems may be directly related to the muscles of the pelvic floor. But, I have found many times that pelvic symptoms show up due to neck tension, hip mobility restrictions, core weakness, counterproductive toileting habits, and even exacerbated by stress, anxiety or past trauma.

I believe it's critical to zoom out and recognize that the full body AND mind contribute to your overall pelvic health.

Your pelvic parts are controlled by your nervous system and connected to the entirety of your physical body. It's a neuromusculoskeletal system, the body and mind coexist and collaborate. They interact and affect the function of each other for worse AND for better.

Like kids in a dispute, we may not learn who started it, but we know the issue exists within the 2 way interaction. The cool thing is that the solution exists there too! When your body heals, strengthens, or functions more optimally, it feels good, physically & mentally.

And when your mind eases, the body responds in your favor. It's like intertwined gears turning each other.

You're composed of a powerful healing network

we just need to get one gear moving in the right direction so the others follow.

Our sessions are designed to uplift and build confidence through compassionate education, thorough assessments, and individualized plans that meet you where you are with the intention to move toward your goal.


I'm Dr. Ashley Hocutt

and I help moms shift pelvic ughs into hugs so you can exercise, play and experience sexual pleasure without pain, pressure or pee problems.

My superpower is showing you what you’re capable of despite your pelvic floor status. 

Let's dissolve fears of doing the "wrong" thing and ramp up your inner cheerleader. 

I know what it feels like to go through life with pelvic problems and not just because I’ve helped countless moms to overcome their concerns, but because I've lived it and said "peace out" to those nasty symptoms!

I'm here to help you through your healing journey. 

What clients say:

Anal Spasms

I went to Dr. Hocutt for pain associated with muscle spasms in my pelvic region.  I had already talked to an OB/GYN about this and he had never heard of what I was describing (despite being in the biz for 40 years).  Dr. Hocutt knew exactly what I was talking about and helped me to find solutions.  I implemented the solutions and immediately felt relief.  Her office is warm and inviting and she is knowledgeable and compassionate.  Her mannerisms and voice are calm and soothing.  She put me at ease right away.  I highly recommend her services.


Poughkeepsie, NY

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