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I'm Dr. Ashley Hocutt
For too long moms have been dismissed for significant pregnancy and postpartum concerns, I’m here to assist you towards comfort, strength and resilience on this journey!  
7 months later, I almost threw up from the smell of eggs cooking.

Yes, pregnant again. This pregnancy was physically hard. I had a lot of sacral pain and I remember crossing my legs at work or sitting for breaks thinking this baby is going to fall out my vagina any minute. I didn’t feel strong, just a lot of pelvic pressure. 

16 months later, my 2nd baby slid out like a penguin on ice, not at work, but at the birthing center. No tearing.  

Walked to the toilet an hour after birth and my vulva was pain free. It was unfathomable after my 1st experience. 6 weeks postpartum, I was cleared to do anything and I felt ready since my vulva was happy. But one yoga class later and I realized my core was NOT ready for that!

Gears began turning as I went back to work months later. My pregnancies and births were vastly different. Strength in pregnancy was valuable, but it didn’t make birth easier.


Are both possible?


Strong and supported through pregnancy AND prepared physically for birth. 


>> That pubic, sacral, back, hip or coccyx pain pregnancy will go away after birth, just wait…
(Or that it will heal postpartum with time, but it’s already been 6 months)


>>  A cesarean birth is the easy way, but realize it’s a major surgery and rehab after disrupting the core is significant to healing 


>>  Leaking urine after birth is your new normal, time to invest in pads…

>>  Your vagina looks fine, despite things not feeling fine…

>>  You’re 6 weeks postpartum and cleared for anything, but you don’t know where to begin…

>>   If sex hurts, wine and lube can help, but that’s not the answer you want…

You’re in the right place!
Momentum was lit, and a fire grew within me

Never had I ever planned to become an expert in the muscles around the vagina, but one pelvic floor class later and I was hooked!


I went into PT with the intention of working with athletes and sport injuries. But this one pelvic floor class, revealed the influence of my pelvic floor on my childhood constipation, vulvar itchiness, peeing 5x at night and urinary frequency, pain with sex… AND possibly why my doctor snipped me early while pushing with my first birth. 

Momentum was lit, and a fire grew within me that got me diving deeply into the pelvic floor’s influence from pregnancy through mom life. Laughing so hard I peed my pants isn’t funny when laundry loads are piling up with urine filled panties. The narrative, “Of course that hurts, or you leaked pee because you’re pregnant or just had a baby” now ends with, “And here’s what we can do to address it and make a difference in your life.” 

A passion was born

My perineal injury and lack of understanding of the postpartum body a body worker myself, ignited a passion for making a difference in how moms are supported, cared for, educated and provided with resources from pregnancy through postpartum.


I became obsessed with training myself in the pregnant and postpartum bodies, specifically the pelvic floor’s function in this season.


In 2016, I started my pelvic PT practice and saw countless moms postpartum, because pelvic PT in pregnancy wasn’t trending yet. It took years to catch on that pelvic PT in pregnancy can resolve pubic, sacral and hip pain, ease urinary incontinence with sneezes AND prepare them for birth.


There is a better way and I’m here to assist you towards comfort, strength and resilience on this journey!  

A little about me:
I’m a doctor of physical therapy, women’s health coach, yoga teacher and trained in rapid resolution therapy.

I help moms feel comfortable, get strong and master your pelvic function as you journey into and through mom life.  I didn’t begin my career obsessed with pelvic health. It wasn’t until my birth experiences that I realized the impact the pelvic muscles have on moms from pregnancy through postpartum. And that’s when vagina/pelvic care moved into my radar.


Despite 24/7 nausea for 5 months, I felt physically strong through the entire 9 months of growing a baby. I was climbing on tables, stretching hamstrings up until the day before birth.  I remained active through pregnancy, walking every day at lunch and prenatal yoga in the evenings.


And I took 3 birth prep classes to ensure I was very much in the know. I was ready for birth. 

Contractions wrapped around my low back and through my legs,I stopped in the doorway of the birthing center until it passed. Merely seconds upon arrival I was told, “you’re 10 cm dilated, but can you wait to push until the doctor arrives at the hospital.” Fuck no, I thought, someone will catch this baby. I had purposely stayed home as long as possible so no one would tell me I wasn’t far enough into labor and send me home. I couldn’t wait, this baby was moving fast, pushing felt like a relief. No one asks someone that is about to vomit to please wait until there is a toilet, it just happens, someone will clean up the mess. After less than 30 minutes of pushing, my doctor snipped my perineum and I tore. I wasn’t prepared for this. 

Healing the mind, body and pelvic floor is my passion. 
A few more things about me!

Love yoga for mind and body strength, am 500 hour yoga teacher certified

Vegetarian since 9 y/o, my parents thought it was a phase, but my mind was set on the veggie life. 

A Florida girl at heart, came up to NY in 2005 for physical therapy school at Columbia. I love the sun.

We have had chickens as pets since I told my husband I was pregnant with our first!

I love musicals and somehow I landed 2 roles in the King and I as a kid in our local community theater, despite my just ok voice.

Interested in more of my academic technical stuff, CLICK HERE

Interested in working together?
purple elephant ears...
that’s how I describe my vulva after birth

No one mentioned that my body will possibly look and feel like it was pounded with a meat tenderizer. Zingers of vaginal pain with every move, poop oozed down my leg as I reclined in bed talking to my husband,  sex was off the table for months (not just 6 weeks), walking to the toilet was painful enough, no chance I would go on a stroll with my baby, tucks pads, ice and Advil were my go to for pain relief. At my 6 week check up, I still hurt, but figured it was normal and didn’t mention it. I was told I am cleared to do anything, but felt like I could barely get off a chair without pain. Being a PT for over 7 years, I understood healing and recovery from injuries, but the pelvic floor and birth was a whole new experience.

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